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Online Based Color Atlas of Oral Diseases in Children and Adolescents


15-15-15-15-erosion.jpg 15-15-25-15-vulnus.jpg 20-10-10-15-mors.jpg 20-15-10-15-l-plic.jpg 20-15-40-15-other-t-lesions.jpg 20-25-05-10-torus-p.jpg 20-30-15-10-tb-injuries.jpg 25-10-45-20-mono.jpg 25-10-55-10-hiv.jpg 30-10-00-15-oral-cand.jpg 30-25-00-15-imp-c.jpg 35-10-05-20-maphthe.jpg 40-15-00-15-bw.jpg 40-25-00-15-mech.jpg 40-25-00-10-mechb.jpg 45-15-00-10-2.jpg 50-15-20-10-haem.jpg 50-10-15-25-ink.jpg 60-10-00-15-lip.jpg 60-15-15-20-epulis.jpg 60-35-00-20-extr.jpg

Welcome to Stomatopedia
Stomatopedia's aim is to offer you the first and most complete online Atlas of Oral Diseases in Children and Adolescents

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